Tales from the Flower Mart

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last weekend I arose before the rooster crowed (OK - maybe it was 8 AM but still early for this girl on a Saturday) and headed downtown to the Los Angeles Flower Mart.  It was truly a remarkable experience as I felt sort of like Alice from Wonderland in her Willy Wonka of flower shops. I found blue roses, purple cabbage, queen Anne's lace and most beautiful flamingo-pink ranunculus which ended up gracing every nook and cranny of my apartment for the Pop-Up Art Show.  I do say, it is quite a privilege to go spelunking for flowers with friends on a Saturday morning, and I highly recommend visiting this secret downtown garden if you dare to get up early enough. Also, Note to Self: Bring $ - it costs only one dollar to enter but the flower stands only take that cash-money, honey.

Los Angeles Flower Mart
754 Wall Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Neighborhood: Downtown

Pictures shot with ToyCamera for iPhone. Mode: Random. Vignetting: on.


  1. Bebe - pictures are gorgeous. Did you take them with your iPhone or a camera? If it was your iPhone, what photo app do you have?

  2. I love the flower market...i also love the roof top parking...that would be a great place to throw a party...your pictures are fabulous!

  3. Oh that cash-money, honey!
    You're the most darling person in the whole entire world, you know that? Wish I coulda been there with you, but at least I got to enjoy your finds at the show. LOVE YOU, CHOUE!

  4. ms. megan - Pictures shot with ToyCamera for iPhone. Mode: Random. Vignetting: on. (also updated on post which i should of already done, sorry!)

    thanks for stopping by soulflower!

    i love you, lil.

  5. wow, that second photo is so gorgeous! lovely post.

    xo Alison

  6. What beautiful photographs<3
    I am now your newest follower, feel free to do the same :)

    xo, Lynzy



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