Movies in the Garden

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love this poster. I love this outdoor movie night. I love Mi Alama where this takes place in Silverlake. I love the all the ideas of yummy food I can bring flooding my head. I feel like this may be California's version of Shakespeare in the Park and I'm dee-lighted by it. Now, who wants to be my Labyrinth date? 


  1. moi! moi! moi!

    And I just made a 4 year old of myself in front of K. You know, the kind that jumps up and down because she wants something so much but finishes on a whiny tone because in the end, she can't have it...
    LOOOOOOOOOVE Labyrinth! Enjoy!

  2. gah! soooo adorable. i *WISH* i could be your date to labfreaks. we could dress up in bowie-inspired spandex and bring along biscuit as our muppet.

    miss you. SO. much.

  3. Love this! How fun. We do movies in the park during the summer and its the best.


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