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Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Monday! Caitlin here from Sacramento Street. I hope all of you had a lovely weekend. When Kate ask me to guest blog while she was off exploring the big apple - I immediately emailed her back saying "yes, yes, yes!" I'm incredibly jealous that Kate is in New York during the holiday season - it's truly magical this time of year and because of that it distracts you from how cold it is outside.

Today, I'm sharing what I love about this time of year - December is by far one of my favorite months!
* Watching snow flurries coming down makes my heart skip a beat. I never tire of waking up in the morning and seeing white flakes falling from the sky.

* On a cold winter night my husband and I make warm hot cocoa with lots of whipping cream. It seems to taste even better when The Holiday or Love Actually are playing on TV.

* I'm a sucker for yummy sugar cookies with white frosting and sprinkles, but for some reason I usually end up making my husbands favorite - peanut butter blossoms - their my second favorite. They bring back memories of when I used to make them for him in high school, yes we're high school sweethearts.

* As temperatures continue to drop attempting to dress cute is the ultimate task. How does one make a puffy jacket look chic?

* To me there is nothing like curling up on a cold winter day to read a book. It's pure bliss!

What do all of you love about this time of year?

Thank you Kate for having me here today. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season!


  1. I love all of the holiday parties, getting dressed up, relaxing by the christmas tree...you know all the holiday cheer :)
    Lilac and Grey

  2. i'm craving a HUGE snow storm - no work, stuck inside with movies and my pup - CRAVING!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. I love these pictures! I live in NH and we have had NO SNOW yet this December, I'm so sad and hope it comes soon. I also agree with you about how to style a puffy jacket lol.

  4. I love all of your pictures! I must admit, I am sort of a scrooge and can't stand this cold weather. I want a nice, happy medium temperature with a snow. Why can't that be possible? Oh well!

  5. ''To me there is nothing like curling up on a cold winter day to read a book. It's pure bliss!'' - could not agree more!

  6. I've already watched The Holiday this year, next on my list is Love Actually! ;)

    What an adorable blog - so glad I found it through Caitlin's guest blogging. Will now be following! ;)

  7. Caitlin captured all of my favorite December activities...including watching The Holiday and Love Actually!

  8. I feel like I watch "Love Actually" ONLY around Christmas time and I watch it probably 50 times a year... I.LOVE.THAT.MOVIE.

    Christmas is the best...

  9. well, i read this as it's snowing out and felt even cozier than before! now really wish i didn't have to go to work... : }

  10. Nothing quite better than a snowy day and a good book! Great post, lady!
    Julie xo

  11. i love all of the photos! Winter is so beautiful...


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