Scenes from the Weekend

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This weekend was a bit hectic as I started producing my very first commercial (yay!), but I still managed to squeeze some fun in as well. On Friday night I met up with a bunch of friends to see Lost Moon Radio at the Hollywood Fringe Festival followed by live-band-karaoke (um, total eclipse of the heart, anyone?) On Saturday was a trip to one of my favorite local restaurants, Umami Burger, and Sunday involved relaxing, walks around the Silverlake reservoir and a trip to the newly opened Proof Bakery in Atwater Village. I hate to admit that there was not a lot of productivity this weekend, but I'm feeling good and positive about the week ahead.

Oh! And it's official ... Happy Summer everyone!


  1. Cheers!.. to stretching out the inner creative genius.
    Well played.

  2. i love how you make even a simple cash register & it's surroundings look beautiful. happy summer to you!

  3. Loving that slightly burned out neon sign!

  4. I love Umami Burger! I miss California so much.

  5. It's official, I'm in love with your pup.


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