Thursday, December 29, 2011

bubble gum print, etsy

my dad told me today that i'm too young to have a bucket list. no way, i said. i love writing down the things i want to accomplish and checking back in periodically to make sure i'm on track. here are my goals for 2012. 

new year 's bucket list:

run a 5k
move to brooklyn
read jonathan franzen
learn how to drive stick
get a tattoo
new photoshoot; theme: red balloons & white dresses
visit austin, texas
direct a music video
eat more veggies/attempt to eat less cake

what's on your new years bucket list? i'd love to hear!


  1. SOunds like a plan! I wish I could put anything running related on mine, but I know that just won't happen!

    Writing a dissertation is at the top of my list... Though more interesting things is to travel to at least two new countries and also get a tattoo :)

  2. I agree with you ... can you be too young for a bucket list? Getting an early start sounds perfect. I love your's for the new year ... good luck!


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