L.A. Coffee Shop Round-Up

Thursday, July 30, 2009

There is nothing I love more than meeting up with friends on a Sunday afternoon for coffee and conversation. Here are some of my top favorite spots in L.A where I get my fix!

Intelligentsia cafe: This Silverlake hot spot always has a line out the door and wrapped around the corner. I can honestly tell you that it's worth the wait! The coffee is delicious and created with so much love that they drizzle hearts into their milk foam. The combination of the hip bohemian french decor, the great music and the excellent people watching makes Intelligentsia one of my favorite spots!

The Casbah Cafe: The Casbah is another great Silverlake coffee spot. I am especially fond of their Moroccan Mint Iced Tea they make daily right in the store. They have a zillion different tea's to choose from and lots of yummy food morsels to snack on. The prices are good and the lines are short. It's the perfect place to invite a friend to join you for an Oragina and some quiet conversation!

LaMill Coffee Boutique: Three words: Lavendar. Infused. Lemonade. This MAY be my favorite drink of all time, and Lamill does it the best! I stop by Lamill to treat myself after a walk around the lovely Silverlake Resevoir. Their prices are a bit high, but I DARE you not to try one of their famous cheddar jalepano scones! The decor is lovely and grown-up and you can count on everything being great tasting and beautifully presented.

Stories Books N' Coffee: Stories completes me because it's a coffee shop attached to a book store attached to an outdoor patio! I go there often to browse the new book section, or to pick up a cool vintage classic. They have great gift options and an adorable cafe that serves delicious food and coffee. Their outside patio is private and a great place to sit with your laptop in your yoga pants and not be bothered. I usually go here when I have serious work to do because it's quiet and peaceful.

Chango: Chango is tucked into the lower hills of Echo Park and is sort of like a hidden treasure. Funky artwork adorns the walls. The coffee is cheap, the music is great, and the people are friendly. I love going here and sitting outside and people watching. There are a few vintage stores next door I pop my head into and I always feel good after I leave here!

The Fix: The Fix is another one of my Echo Park favorites. They serve some of the best gelato I have ever had and have daily special drinks like " Oh my Darling" tea. Their outdoor patio is excellent and shady and a great place to meet friends. It is never crowded as it's fairly new and it's become one of my recent weekly drive-by destianations.

Lost Souls Cafe: This is my favorite downtown L.A. coffee spot! Lost Souls serves the best crepes and milkshakes around town and on the cheap. There is a record shop at the back of the store selling vintage vinyls, and up front is a microphone where anyone can go up to slam some poetry or sing a lyric or two. I love this place because it's hidden in a back alley. It's unpretentious and industrial and I sort of imagine this is L.A's own "Live Cafe" a la RENT! (Maybe it's the christmas lights up all year round or the exposed brick, i don't know!) All I know is that I love it!


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