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Monday, March 22, 2010

I am consistently amazed at the vastness of le internet these days, and how many a to zed blogs grace the interweb. That being said, there are a handful of blogs that I use as my daily inspiration and I'd like to share some of my favorites with you!

Ms. Caroline of The Space In Between is a maker of all things art and resides in the mecca of hipness, Brooklyn! She is a Libra (just like me) and posts the coolest new music, art, and fashion inspiration. Caroline has graced LPC's presence once already, and I hope many more times in the future!

Lily @ bigBang studio is incredible. She lives in Joshua Tree and is painter/writer/photographer/cowgirl/gardner/petite chef/wife/mother-of-two dogs and (lucky for me) my best friend. Lily blogs about art, the desert, recipes, her animals, and her adventures! She is a constant inspriation for all things choue and guest blogged here and gave LPC an honorable mention here.

RIFLE is a paper goods, design, and illustration company headed up by Anna Bond and based in Winter Park, FL. Ms. Anna and rifle specialize in custom, hand drawn stationery but also do various other things ranging from branding to illustration. RIFLE is planning on launching an online store & stationery line this coming Fall (which I am counting down the days for) as well as opening up a storefront in Winter Park. (I am jealous of all who reside there!)

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  1. ok, you're the cutest. i was JUST ON rifle's website hankering to see their new line of wedding invitations (i have to wait until MAY!), and i love the space in-between.

    and i love YOU.


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