Thursday, March 18, 2010

I refuse to call this post, Eat Pray Love. I will be honest here. I picked up that book and was very excited to read it and by page 10, put it down again. My gaggle of best girl friends (who are very different readers than myself) agreed and we put the book to bed. NOW this bad-ass Julia Roberts trailer has to come out and has me second guessing myself. I am a total lush for anything/all Julia (I cried when she won the oscar. For a day.) so I guess I'll be seeing this opening night with a bar of chocolate and my feelings.

What do you all think? Did you read the book? Should I give it a second chance?


  1. I don't know chérie, but I kinda needed some of thoses dialogues right now... so merci!

  2. Read it! I loved the book. Get past the first chapter and get into when she starts to travel. I'm reading her second book Committed right now. Thanks for posting the trailer...I didnt know it was out. I can see that the beginning is different in the movie than the book. I always think the book is better! Good luck!

  3. I dunno -- I thought it was a pretty interesting book :-) Read on!

  4. READ IT! And read it more than once, at different times. Even though I'm not a thirty-something divorcée, each time I've read it some new part of it speaks to me. It's a fantastic book, give it another shot!

  5. "so I guess I'll be seeing this opening night with a bar of chocolate and my feelings."

    Best sentence ever. Hated the book, but if I happen to be out west (unlikely, but hey!), me and my feelings call dibs on the seat next to you.

    Lauren Vivi MacArthur

  6. read the book with a highlighter in hand. Bought it for all of my friends both men and women. Reading her next book, Committed, right now.
    Favorite line in that book...
    "You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone oughtta be".

  7. I think you should read it. I read it while I was travelling in Nepal because I thought it would be a real no-brainer, but it was much better than I expected. I really looked forward to reading it each day and was sad when it finished. I especially loved the parts in India.
    It's not going to win any prizes but I really liked the honesty of it, and I felt more inspired to do something entirely selfish.


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