Feeling Fine at 29

Thursday, September 30, 2010

So, my birthday was last Sunday and I'm turned the big 2-9. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this number. It seems like the last year of your 20s is the last chance to make mistakes, but 30 seems like a fresh new start. Last year I made this list of all the things I wanted to accomplish as a 28-year-old. I'm semi-proud of myself for accomplishing half of them. I've made a new list for this year. Hopefully I can stick to it!

29 things to do at 29

1. read a ayn rand novel
2. learn how to garden
3. visit Austin, TX
4. take a photography class
5. d.j.a party
6. write a musical (i've started but haven't finished!)
7. ride in a hot air balloon
8. learn to drive a stick shift
9. take vitamins every day
10. start an arts and craft night
11. save more and spend less
12. send more snail mail
13. think harder about getting a tattoo (still thinking!)
14. take tap lessons!
15. visit my best friend in india
16. go to motorcycle school
17. AND purchase a vespa!
18. teach scout how to swim
19. do the dishes every night and do not leave them until the morning (i'm so bad at this)
20. create a chalkboard wall in my house
21. go apple-picking in the fall and bake a pie
22. go to bed earlier - 11 PM style
23. watch less tv
24. take more twilight hikes
25. think about curbing my anthropologie obsession
26. take a group-friend trip to lake arrowhead. canoe!
27. go wine tasting (i've never been!)
28. direct a music video
29. call my grandparents more


  1. This list sounds wonderful. I hope you accomplish all of them. :)
    I'd love to go in a hot air balloon! Oh how I would love that. :)

  2. Such a great list! I think I might have to make myself a list on my next birthday. Good luck accomplishing everything, you can totally do it!!!

  3. I absolutely love your list! I think a yearly list is an awesome thing to do--maybe I should do that and hang it on my fridge. Good luck!!!!

  4. i love so many things about this list! it seems very possible too! maybe i should make one. i especially like the part about the vespa!

  5. These are pretty great. My 28th birthday is in 2 weeks so I started making one of my own.. I'm up to 6. haha.

  6. Great list! I'd love to ride in a hot air balloon too.

  7. Oh my gosh! You read my mind! I'm going to be turning 29 in November and I decided that I would make a list of 20 things I wanted to accomplish by the time I turned 30. I want to end my 20s on a really great note and not look back and feel like I wasted it. :)

    Your list looks really great! I have 20 but I'm still deciding if they will all make the final list. I'm from Austin so I think that's my favorite from your list! You're going to love it!

  8. I love this so much! You inspire me to look forward to being 29! :)
    I love it when people are intentional about bettering themselves and making lists to help them reach those goals. Awesome!

  9. I have Atlas Shrugged sitting here begging to be read. This is a great list :)

  10. What a great list! Some of themm I have already done and some I am dying to do as well (like getting myself a vespa!)

    Have a lovely friday :)

  11. I feel the same way about watching less television. Once in a while is okay but not all the time, I'm convinced it burns our brain cells, I need to read more instead of just sitting in front of the tv.

    I also love 11 and 12. As for taking your vitamins everyday, the best suggestion I can give you is to get them in powder form and add them to a morning smoothie. I've been doing this for about a year. If you can't get your vitamins in powder form you can break them apart with one of those garlic press. Its amazing how many vitamins you can take when its just in your shake.

  12. Great list! Lots of fun stuff and some good habits in there, too. Here's to enjoying the 29th year!

  13. this is a great list and is giving me lots of ideas!

  14. a happy happy day to you!

    wonderful list! oh i need to make a new list!they really do work. i did my first one last year.

    on a diff note, little scout is gorgeous. what fun!

  15. Especially into #15. You are the CUTEST, and I love your list. Calling your grandparents more often is so sweet- you should send them some pics of Scout! Love this post.

    Back from our trip into the mountains and sore as hell but so, so refreshed. Was exactly what this lil' lady needed. Minus the leeches, but never mind. Will try to call soon. xoxoxo!

  16. I love birthday lists! This looks great - and very do-able! Happy (belated) birthday!

  17. Happy 29th! I turned 29 in September too (on the 21st). I'm also not sure how I feel about being 29. It seems awfully old, but as you say, 30 is a whole new decade and a chance to start afresh!


    ps: number 19 needs to go on my list. I am terrible for doing this...


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