Mrs. Libra

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love two things; 1) being a Libra and 2) Mrs. Lilien's Styling House Blog. She combines both on one of her latest posts. Check out what Mrs. Lilien has to say about Libra's below! I love every single Libra Style Piece she choose!

Oh the mesmerizing Mrs. Libra - she's a harmony driven diva - and so astoundingly full of vim and viva! She's romantic, sociable and just so charming - she exudes an easy-going-ness that's with out a doubt alarming! She's pretty flirtatious and rather self indulgent - she's idealistic, peaceable and ridiculously pleasant! She's easily influenced and at times questionably gullible - but there's not doubt that she's good hearted and painfully loveable! She likes things fair and balanced, but her goodness by far outweighs the bad - She's Mrs. Libra and she's unequivocally FAB!

Libra Style Choices

1.Silk-satin and chiffon mini dress
2. Karolina pumps
3. Vintage dangling lapis clip-ons
4. Across the Universe Nail Color
5.Lanvin Ouloulou Satin Pouchette
6. Sip of gold champagne cups
7. Libra pillow
8. Antoinette fainting sofa


  1. Ha wow I love the blue dress! It's amazing! So is the couch as well!

  2. I'm a Virgo and Acquarius, I wonder what kinfd of style represent me better!! Anyway, I love everything in shades of blue and turquoise so I coul easily go with what you chose in this post. (the sofa, the sofa!!)

  3. I will totally have to check that out, most all of the important people in my life are Libras...they are all so different too. Have a great day.

  4. I love being a Libra as well. Off to check out that pillow!!


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