I'd like my Halloween to look like this, please!

Friday, October 29, 2010

What is everyone doing this weekend? I plan to stay at home with the pup (who will be a pumpkin for her very first Halloween!), make homemade apple cider and hand out candy to the wee ones. I also have some classic horror movies handy (Poltergeist, Halloween (the original) and The Descent) which will be stream throughout the weekend.  I of course will be dressing as Dorothy (year 3 - those ruby slippers aren't paying for themselves!) and just enjoying the chilly weather.  Here are some of my favorite Halloween inspired photos I've collected below. Have a very SAFE and Happy Halloween, penguins!

Photos via Daydream Lily and Sweet Paul.


  1. Great images :)
    And a happy Halloween!!

  2. I'm so glad you found my humble, little blog, because now I get to read your wonderful posts! I love all these pictures. And your blog is so cute. (In fact, my friend just looked over my shoulder and said she's already a follower of yours.... don't know what took me so long to get on board. :) )

  3. The Descent is the scariest movie EVER. Good choice :)

  4. love all your photos. i'm going to be lost on here today. a good lost though...

  5. i'm going french this halloween! (: hahaha. Happy Halloween, love! <3

  6. OOOOOOOHHH - I totally forgot about The Descent. Scaaaaary!!!!


  7. yes ... great images!!! have a fun weekend, dorothy! :)

  8. I LOVE Halloween!

    The first two pictures are killing me with how cute yet simple they are.

    Your blog is adorable. You've got a new follower :)

  9. Great pics!
    have a wonderful weekend!


  10. omg: "those ruby slipper aren't going to pay for themselves!"

    how much do i love you? lots. gunna recharge the old sim card and give you a call this week, kay? xo.

    (also, how insanely delighted do i get when i read comments here that are like, "WE LOVE LPC!")


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