Tuesday, November 1, 2011

this past year has been tough. i've lost a job and started freelancing which means more time on my hands, less distractions and the emotional highs and lows and anxiety of being unemployed. i spent a lot of time this summer eating my feelings. you know the drill ... i feel bad ... i need a cookie .... and maybe some ice cream on top .... and heck, might as well have that pizza and make it a meal. when i got back from a recent trip i got on the scale and had gained a whopping 15 pounds. i'm a fairly tall person so i can get away with gaining a bit and not really noticing. but then it all adds up and WAM - i had some serious work to do. so i've slowly been getting back on the wagon. i cut out desserts and alcohol (my vices!) i find one hour a day to work out; whether that be spin class, a hike with my dog or a dance class. i use cooking at the treat and always make something new everyday to keep things fresh. my body is changing and i can feel it. and it feels a whole lot better than that cookie.

when i do eat, i make sure that the majority of my meal is made of fruits and/or veggies. here are some of my favorite go-to healthy recipes i've been loving:

- homemade gyros
- pumpkin pie oatmeal
- golden beet salad with fennel & gorgonzola cream
- roasted autumn panzanella salad


  1. Great post! This is the story of my life.. Any other great healthy recipes?

    E-mail brittany10bear@gmail.com

  2. I am going to make those gyros! They look spectacular. I'll report back. ;)

  3. I hear you, Kate! When I got back from Paris earlier this year, I was carrying an extra 7 or 8 pounds. And I kept getting stuck in this 'woe is me' cycle of eating sweets every day. I've been pretty good the past couple of months, allotting myself little bits of sweets here and there... but no more pints of Ben & Jerry's, night after night! As much as I miss them, I haven't had that fix in three months. And it feels great! Keep up the good work! xo


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