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Friday, June 26, 2009

Jenny Lewis is amazing, and if you don't know about her yet, than you need to! I won't bore you with lots o' literature about her, I'll just give you the facts you need to know. This one's for you, Jenny Lewis Virgins!

Jenny Lewis is the lead singer of the native Los Angeles indie band, Rilo Kiley, and also has two solo albums with collaborations with such well known artists as Elvis Costello, M. Ward, and Zooey Deschanel. You may have seen her first on screen as a child actress. She starred in one of my all-time favorite movies, TROOP BEVERLY HILLS as well as THE WIZARD and PLESANTVILLE. Her music is varied and incredible and I urge you to check out some of her stuff if you are in itching for some new tunes! I have suggested a beginner's play list below, with a mix of both her solo stuff and Rilo Kiley tunes. I hope you enjoy!

1. Rise up with fists!!!
2. Melt your heart
3. You are what you love
4. Handle me with care
5. Acid tongue
6. Trying my best to love you
7. See Fernando
8. The good that won't come out
9. Execution of all things * (favorite song)
10. With arms outstretched
11. More adventurous
12. A man/me/then Jim
13. Silver lining
14. Portions for foxes
15. I never
16. Emotional
17. Pictures of success
18. Breakin' up
19. Dreamworld
20. Close call

Lastly, if you care to a little live Jenny - check out this mash-up recording of her song " Carpetbagger". Please note Elvis Costello, Zooey D and Vanessa from Whispertown singing in the background, her fuchsia tights, etc. etc. Enjoy!

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