Sweaty Sundays

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ok. It's official. I have a new obsession: here are the details!

What: Dance class called Sweaty Sunday's
Where: Foresight Studios in Silverlake - 3501 Sunset Blvd.
How Much: $10
Who: Coreagrapher Ryan Heffington
When: Classes are every Sunday at Noon or 1:30 PM.
What: Aerobic warm up's (think yogalaties style), choreographed dances to Michael Jackson tunes, and a lot of dancing. it. out! The music is a mix of 80s pop rock and new wave dance hits! Everyone was dressed up in leg warmers, pink tights, neon hats. This class reminded me exactly of the dance classes in CENTER STAGE and I would highly suggest it for anyone who likes to - just - DANCE!


  1. OMG....how fun does that sound? I would totally go if I lived there, plus I could relive my teens and wear legwarmers! :) Thank you for your sweet, sweet comment over on ML today. It was lovely to have you there! Your blog is lovely as well! :)

  2. Wow, I wish we had this in Northern California. Sounds perfect. So I'm loving your blog. Found you through LA in Bloom. My parents used to call me mon petit chou and I have not thought of that in many years. Love that your blog brought the memory back.


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