A corner of your world - part deux!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

As you may recall, I posted this little ditty last week! It was such a delight to receive your adorable emails and pictures over the past few days. Thanks to everyone who participated and hoepfully this will give others the creative inspiration it has given me!

Ms. Aubrey's Corner: Brooklyn, NY.

This is my favorite bookshelf (notice actual books on shelf above) The light is a clip on work lamp I bought at home depot. They're an inexpensive great way to light shelves and pictures and I like the way their almost industrial design feels in contrasts to more cottage-y pieces. The old window I found at an architectural salvage store while I was living in San Diego. The Van Gough print my Dad picked up at the museum in Montreal. The Swedish Horse I bought in Sweden. (Suddenly realizing this shelf is kind of an homage to travels which is maybe why it makes me so happy) The little blue book is an out of print book of Bukowski letters and poetry I paid way too much for at a used book store in the West Village, but I love it. Each page is typed on an old typewriter and someone has written notes in the margins..... The little bell and Buddha were presents from my Mom. The bell is actually meant to go on a motorcycle to ward off evil spirits as you pass. Alas. The pictures are from a trip my boyfriend and I took to Grenada. We hiked to a waterfall and had no one with us to take pictures so there are two. It was beautiful but really cold. Electronic drumsticks are leaning against the window. Those are fun and freak out my cat. The angel was a gift from my grandma. The Ganesha I picked up in Jackson Heights, Queen's awesome Little India neighborhood; the little blue bunny was my toy when I was a baby. The bubbles and paintbrush are there because I can't throw things like that away just in case the occasion arises when I need to blow bubbles or paint something in my one bedroom apartment..... The little elephant butts I think are Buddhist, you're supposed to make their butts face the door and it wards off negativity or something. I just like them. And the wooden stick is a maraca that bears the name of some obscure rum brand I picked up at a party.

Ms. Lulu's Corner: Silverlake, CA.

My favorite corner: the black chest of drawers is a flea market find from 3 years ago. I love doing art and collages and painting on old abandoned windows, so this is one of my favorites, complete with a picture of my grandfather picking me up in the ocean and a picture of my parents together when they were my age. My mom knows how much I love birds and she sent me the big black one as a surprise. Buddha represents in just about every corner of my house, along with my dollar store Virgin Mary candles. A friend of mine found the painting of the girl at a flea market and she bought it because she said it looked like me. I love it because upon closer inspection you can see that she is made up of flowers. There is a bunch of sea shells and sea glass from my trips to the beaches in Hawaii and my home state of north Carolina, A big shell for my sage wand. And last but not least, one of my absolute favorite pictures in the world of my sisters and I--taken of our backs when we were sitting on the beach together as little girls.

Ms.Whitney's Corner: Washington D.C.

The "table" is an old "chest" of sorts that I bought at a yard sale on Capitol Hill about 3 years ago for $5 and lugged home 8 blocks. The lamp is a random purchase; the matching blue glass bottle was a gift from my mother; the clock is from L.L. Bean (which makes me think of my home state and smile); the jar of change is a habit I have had since I was a child. The reading material: Vanity Fair and David Foster Wallace. The framed card is a note from my husband-to-be Adam from before he left for a business trip:


Ms. Bree's Corner: Los Angeles, CA.

This is my little music corner. The piano was my great-grandmother's. It lived at my grandma's house for many years until I grew up and had a place of my own and then she gave it to me. The record collection is a combo of mine (Jenny Lewis, Bruce Springsteen), my husband's (Guns N Roses, Neil Diamond), and my father-in-law's (Leonard Cohen, Memphis Minnie). Last Christmas, he let us rummage around the basement and take any of his records we wanted. Score! The birch bark vases I made as centerpieces for my husband's 30th birthday dinner party, the painting is my own, and the candleholder is a vintage find from the Rose Bowl flea that we used to hold a memory candle at our wedding last year (I believe Mlle. Petite Choue was my most excellent shopping companion the day I found that beaut). The doubleneck guitar is my hair metal-loving husband's and the acoustic belongs to folk-rock, singer-songwriter-loving me. In my 5th life, I hope to come back as a bonafide musician, but for now, I'm content to just plink and strum and squawk whenever fancy strikes, in my happy music corner.


  1. love it! And love the David Foster Wallace, yes yes yes.

  2. Great post! I really enjoyed this. Lovely blog! You totally took me back to my days in French class and cracking up about calling our loved ones "little cabbages"

    PS My giveaway ends today! I think you'll like it. It's French! Come check it out ;)


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