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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello friends! This is Suzanne from the House of Milk and I'm so happy to be guest blogging for Kate while she's vacationing in Mexico!  I can't wait to do some traveling of my own this summer, as well as many other things that I love about the warmer months.  The upcoming months are my favorite time of year and I always look forward to a few things that aren't quite the same during winter...

Road Trips

There's something especially fun about taking a road trip during the summer.  It's all about leaving the windows down, letting the wind whip your hair in your face and blasting good music (singing along to the good parts: mandatory).  Refinery 29 even has a good list of essential road trip goodies, so grab your best friend, your GPS and hit the road, friends!

The Beach

The ocean is even more amazing when you can actually get in it.  Swimming in the salty water is so relaxing and does wonders for your skin.  Laying on the beach, reading, taking pictures, dozing off... it's all part of your beach experience!  Essential: camera, sunscreen, blankets, and your favorite sunnies.

Catching up on reading

The longer days and warmer nights always make me want to spend a little time alone curled up with some good reading material.  Whether it's catching up on magazines or reading a great novel, there's nothing better than lounging by an open window (picture a nice breeze coming through, if you will), and letting the story take you away.


The concept of "sleep when you're dead" is completely lost on me. I love to sleep.  I can fall asleep anywhere, under any circumstance and I take full advantage of this ability during lazy summer afternoons.  Taking an hour out of your day to recharge is very calming, and crucial when you want to hit the town later that night.  Which leads me to...

Dance parties

Invite your girls over, put on some Michael Jackson/Madonna/Gaga/whatever, turn up the A/C and dance.  Have some champagne and make it all the more fabulous.  And again, make sure to have your camera close at hand.

I'm going to stop here, because I could honestly go on and on about everything I love in the summer time, like the ice cream truck, the fair, biking everywhere... you get the idea.  Thanks for reading and of course a big thanks to Kate for having me over!  Have a wonderful summer everyone!


  1. Yesss. Especially the naps + dance parties part, in that order. And I wonder where that beach lassie with the mermaid hair in her face got her marvelous one-piece....any idears?

  2. Nice post Suzanne! Love, love, love these photos. You just got me amped for summer big time!

  3. Fabulous.....I agree on all points.


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