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Thursday, May 20, 2010

As you may remember, I did a little interview piece with one of my favorite bloggers here a few months back. This week, I had the pleasure to chat with another blog crush of mine, Ms. Joy Deangdeelert Cho. Joy is a graphic designer, blogger, and foodie who worked with numerous fashion clients in New York before launching her own business, Oh Joy in 2005. She now spends her days designing and consulting for clients in the fashion and food industries, designs her own line of stationery and wallpaper, and authors the Oh Joy design blog as well as a chronicle of her foodie adventures, Oh Joy Eats. Joy recently co-wrote Creative, Inc. – a book about becoming a freelance creative talent to be published by Chronicle Books and released in Fall 2010.

Oh Joy! is my numero uno blog check every morning, and I had the best time quizzing her on her favorite things! Check out her list below and enjoy!

Favorite Film... One of my favorites, visually, has always been the modern adaptation of Great Expectations from 1998. Green is my favorite color so I love the shade of green throughout the film as well as the portraits by Francesco Clemente.

Favorite Book... I actually mostly read business books these days and have a hard time reading fiction books. I don't really have a favorite, but I'm currently reading "Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard" because I am terrible with the idea of change but I know change is good for me.

Favorite Food... Thai food... I was born in the States but grew up with Thai parents who owned Thai restaurants for a living so I was inundated with Thai food all the time. I have some great food memories from my past trips to Thailand. I only wish I could cook it as well as I enjoy eating it!

Favorite Libation... The Silician Lemonade at Osteria in Philly. It's house made limoncello, some type of soda, and fresh mint....so tasty!

Favorite Album... I can't say that there is one album that is the be all and end all for me. But I LOVE myself some old school hip hop and R&B. Give me some Bell Biv Devoe, Boyz II Men, A Tribe Called Quest, or De La Soul and I'm a happy girl.

Favorite Day... probably the day I met my husband. I was only 17 at the time, and I had no idea that guy would be the person I'd spend the rest of my life with. But that's why I think it's so fun to think about and that I would have stumbled upon him at such a young age. (And of course, our wedding day was wonderful too! ;)

Favorite Designer... I am a serious Kate Spade fan. While it's definitely more of a splurge-worthy brand for me, I am slowly working on adding great signature pieces to my wardrobe, and pieces from Kate Spade are perfect for that.

Favorite Band... in contrast to my old school hip hop answer above, my current faves are singer-songwriter type guys like Gavin Degraw, beachy feel-good music from Little Joy, and girly French music from Coeur de Pirate.

Favorite Blogs... I wish I had time to read more cause there really are so many great ones out there. A few newer ones that I love...
Mrs. Lilien, Ban.do, and Kris Atomic.

Favorite Place... home. I'm a big homebody, so nothing makes me feel more at peace than the comfort of my own house.

Favorite Person...my husband for sure. He just makes me a better person, and we find ourselves laughing at each other all the time. That's the best part of marriage...having a blast with someone who totally knows you and love you...flaws and all.

Favorite Smell... a bakery with fresh bread, cookies, scones, or cinnamon buns coming out of the piping hot oven. My nasal passages can't get enough! my two favorite bakeries are Con Pane in San Diego and Tartine in San Francisco.

Thanks so much, Joy!

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  1. I love the flowers on her cardigan!! So cute and chic!



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