Music Monday: MixTape Mini Cushions

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Music Monday! How cute are these adorable MixTape Mini Cushions from Etsy? Get your set of three cushions here! P.S. You can buy the set seen below or custom order them with your choice of color scheme and embroidered title. I think my set of tapes would read; 80's pop princess mix, Jem and the Holograms Greatest Hits, and, lest not forget, Madonna: The Immaculate Collection. How about you?


  1. My word, too cute! My mixes would be:
    - Early 80s / Very Happy
    - Cheesy 70s Classics
    - Music to Write to

  2. Looove the cushions, but, right now, I have no idea for a set of tapes!

  3. OMG. I am soooo smitten for these. Great find!
    Mine would def say: Child of the 80s

  4. I LOVE mix tapes...can we "bring them back?" LOL.

  5. Kate - what a delightful find you are! I would love a tape of love songs for my family - very sappy I know but how cute would that be on my daughters dorm room bed?!

  6. omg WHEEEERE on earth did you ever find these?

    mwaaahahahah. love ya. miss ya. xo to scoutness.

  7. these are too cute... i want one!

    i stumbled onto your blog and will now be following :) you are adorable!

    xo, lindsey


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