November Lovin'

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

reading: finally finished A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Michael Cunningham - love love loved it. Currently reading the MAZERUNNER by James Dashner and then Charle's Bukowski's POST OFFICE as our next book club book! Excited as I have never read him before.

buying: porch furniture for the log cabin's wrap-around and a new iphone case. Oh, and still searching for the perfect salt and pepper shakers!

listening to: Warpaint, The Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson Soundtrack (I'm a nerd) and Mark Ronson.

watching: Modern Family (love), 30 Rock (LOVE!), The Event, Dexter, 90210 (guilty!) and just started watching Friday Night Lights on DVD

loving: how fall has finally reached Los Angeles, pumpkin spiced lattes, taking walks with the pup, staying in on Friday nights and making cider, and craft nights!

planning: a trip to NYC this winter to visit friends and hang in Brooklyn. More details on that to come!

What are you all loving these days? Happy November!


  1. I love Modern Family, and have you watched Parenthood? Those are my two shows that I DVR each week!

    Julie xo

  2. We just started watching Modern Family this year and am mad we missed the first season, it's hilarious! A trip to Brooklyn sounds wonderful. I'm getting ready for a craft show and a trip to Coronado this month.

  3. i am so obsessed w yer blog. ps- good salt and pep shakers can be found at flea markets or anthropologie. xxx

  4. 1. Friday Night Lights (FNL) is ah-may-zing! we are so addicted to that show...don't even get me started on tim riggins. sigh.

    2. NYC in November/December is definitely one of my fall/winter loves. Planning a trip there myself in a couple weeks.

    3. i need more craft nights in my life.

  5. Saw a great pair of S&P shakers from Pottery Barn. Squirrels.

  6. the best S&P shakers are at Crate and Barrel. fyi. ; ) i'll have to try a couple of those books. i've got 3 i'm getting through at the moment!

  7. i'm loving that my street is covered in orange and yellow leaves, that i had to wear a bubble jacket to my yoga class tonight, that my cat is once again sleeping on my bed at night to keep warm. I've been wanting to pick up At Home at the End of the World for quite some time. You've convinced me.

  8. Hi Kate, thanks you for your nice words on my blog! Your blog is lovely! I might switch to English next year, so more readers can understand what I'm writing about :) x janneke

  9. FNL is my FAVORITE!! Seriously, the hubs and I couldn't stop watching and watched all of the seasons in a very small amount of time that I may be embarrassed to admit. :)


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