Perfect Dinner Party

Thursday, November 18, 2010

 I love hosting dinner parties and coming up with really fun groups of my friends to introduce. I created my dream dinner party guest list below. I guess the theme here is: really cool ladies that kick ass (which is fine by me)!  If you could host a dinner party with anyone you wanted, who would you invite?

Drew Barrymore - Actor/Director (E.T, MUSIC & LYRICS, WHIP IT)
Idina Menzel - Theater Actor (RENT, WICKED)
Sofia Coppola - Writer/Director (VIRGIN SUICIDES, LOST IN TRANSLATION)
Karen O - Musician (Yeah Yeah Yeah's)
Ellen Page - Actor (WHIP IT, JUNO)
Tegan & Sara - Musicians (Sainthood)
Jenny Lewis - Musician (Jenny & Johnny)
Natalie Maines - Musician (Dixie Chicks)


  1. no invite for me?-evan

  2. Mine would be weird I guess...
    Lucille Ball
    Michael Jackson
    Carey Grant
    Bob Hope
    Robin Williams
    Kathryn Hepburn
    Sandra Bullock...
    It would be fun.

  3. I would invited you Courthey and Siobahn. Three of the most interesting and wonderful ladies I've ever met. :)


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