Artist Profile: Hollin Pulley

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Since photography is obviously a big theme on La Petite Choue this week, I couldn't help but introduce you all to one of my favorite photographers (who lucky for me, happens to be one of my favorite friends), Ms. Hollin Pulley. Hollin is a pilates instructor by day and rogue photographer by night. She is also is what I like to call a triple threat; she's from the south, she has a dog and she loves desserts equally as much as I do. Hollin even inspired me to purchase my own camera (we have the same Canon Rebel Ti2) and her photographs are simply stunning. I am also slightly biased as she is particularly talented at shooting animals (ahem, notice the many pictures of my Scout!) Stop by and say hello at her little blog here and check out some of my favorite of her photographs below!


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