Newsflash! L.A.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I've decided to start a new section of this blog entitled Newsflash! L.A.. These posts will cover cool Los Angeles discoveries, hidden gems of the city and basically anything hip and interesting I hear about that I think you will dig. I've gotten a lot of comments from readers in the past asking for me to post more about our darling city, so you guys, this one's for you!

So the first Newsflash! L.A. post has of course to do with (shocker) DOGS! L.A. is an extremely dog friendly city, so friendly in fact, that we now have our own dog ice cream sandwich food truck. That's right, I said it. A FOOD TRUCK. FOR YOUR DOG. ICE CREAM SAMMIES. Phydough, the gourmet dog cookie/ice cream truck brought to us by the the kids over at cool haus, launched their new business on January 5th and continues to grow strong. With ten flavors of cookies (including duck fat, red velvet, and the mysterious "original") and four flavors of ice cream (including peanut butter bacon and foie gras), it's entirely possible you'll want a Phydough treat for yourself.

Extra Credit: All of Phydough's cookies and dough ingredients are organic and human grade. AND they'll also happily cater your dog's "special day," from adoption day to birthdays with dog ice cream galore! Scout and I talked it over, and this weekend we'll be sampling the carob swirl/peanut butter and bacon sandwich, puppy style. She was really craving the carrot honey, but I talked her into something a bit more classic.


  1. So cute!!! I can't wait to learn more about your city. Hugs from PA.

  2. That is so cool. They could just park in my driveway and sell out- we have five dogs.

  3. omg. i saw this driving away from the laurel canyon dog park on saturday. if i had known it also had COOL HAUS SAMMIES, i would have flagged it down.


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