My Favorite Things Series: MegVentures

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hi Guys! We're back again with The Favorite Things Series with one of my favorite bloggers! Ms. Megan Steel of Megventures lives in the great state of Washington and takes the most breathtakingly  beautiful photos of the magical woods around her. She also has a great sense of style and is one of the cutest little pumpkins out there! Check out her favorite things below, along with some of her own photography, and pop over the her blog to learn some more about her!

meg's favorite things

Love Actually. I could watch it every day and not get sick of it(even though it's pretty much a 
Christmas movie). In fact, I've seen it so many times I could probably recite the whole thing! A very close second would be Stranger Than Fiction. I'm a big fan of any movie that has to do with life, love and the pursuit of happiness—with a dash of comedy

Anything botanical encyclopedia related. I have a growing collection of old plant books, and those are what I read most. I'm not actually a big reader (except blogs, I read a mass amount of blogs), but the last batch of novels I enjoyed were by Christopher Moore

Cheese is my favorite food. Hands down. As for cuisine, I really like Greek and Mexican

sparkling Cider (I'm one of those rare folk who don't drink any alcohol, it's just not my thing)

music is the hardest for me to choose favorites of... I'm lucky to live in a world with Pandora and an awesome sister who is very into music (she makes me the best mixes ever and I just got her to start blogging!). I like so many different albums, but I would say my most listened to would be Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago

The woods. Preferably in the early morning fog. With a camera in hand


I'm in the process of defining my style... I know I'm a fan of comfort, neutrals and unique pieces. Currently, my dream closet would look just like Need Supply Co., but my real closet consists mostly of items from thrift stores and Forever 21

Right now I'm loving The Local Natives, The Head and The Heart, Fleet Foxes, Ra Ra Riot and anything that includes Justin Vernon

Just a few (I read so many good ones!): ☁ (jeana sohn) // size too small // unruly things // folkloric // hannah and landon // clever nettle

My handsome fellow Jamie and my lovely sister Amanda
Rain. I'm such a Washingtonian!

Thanks so much for participating in The Favorite Things Series, Meg!


  1. i already follow her blog. :) and you're right, those forest photos are just so magical.

  2. Miss Kate, you are wonderful! Thanks for featuring me my dear. :)

  3. Meg is adorable!

    And my favorite food in the world is cheese as well.

    Like Jenni said -- that forest is magical.

  4. What a peach! Thanks for turning me on to Meg's gorgeous blog, Choue-choue! Moss, cold fog, blankets and conifers seem marvelous right now, coming from sweltering, mosquito-infested southern India!

  5. Meg is amazing at pretty much everything she does but is too modest to admit it (she's my sister). Well done, and what a lovely blog you have :)


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