Thursday, September 8, 2011

last night i put on my cowgirl boots and wrangled up the north carolina kids to see the bluegrass band, chatham county line.  these four dapper gentlemen hail from raleigh, north carolina. they have their state-flag hanging behind them on stage  while they play just in case anyone dares to forget it. they sing into an old-fashioned microphone, they play the banjo, the guitar, the cello and the violin, and they sound like they are seeping out of a record player.  i was standing in a dirty dive bar in echo park, but i felt like i was on a porch in the backwoods of north carolina on a rocking chair with a bourbon in my hand. we danced danced danced and i was taught the flat-footed shuffle and it was the most magical ole' country evening i've had in a long long time.

songs you must listen to: birmingham jail, the carolinian, chip of a star


  1. I love Chatam Co. Line!...although I'm pretty sure one of those guys dated my ex boyfriends ex girlfriend who I really hated. That's not complicated at all right?

  2. not complicated at all, evie! thanks for the comment and so glad someone else out there appreciates this awesome music!


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