Thursday, October 6, 2011

i've been holding onto this photo for months figuring out a post i could write around it. and then i just thought, "enough excuses, just do it!" so, here's the thing, sparkles, aka glitter. aka confetti. aka any pile of shiny bits of color piled on top of each other are a teeny-tiny obsession of mine. my nickname in high school was sparkles22 and i was known to sport many a t-shirt in college with a splash of shimmery goodness. nowadays my sparkle craving is a bit more under control; but my favorite clothing pieces consist of a blue shimmery skirt and a 60s flapper dress with beads and, you guessed it, sparkles. anyway, the cat's out of the bag. forgive me. i thought i should come clean and admit it. i'm only human.

p.s. just to be clear, i don't do tiara's. or sparkly flip flops. or chunky glitter eyeshadow. i stick to vintage sparkle and flare; a homemade paper crown with craft shop glitter, confetti on the the make-shift dance floor in my living room, glitter pine cones at christmas and shiny bike streamers. you feel me. are we still friends?


  1. I love a bit of vintage sparkle too! I'd love to see the 60s flapper dress! I'm ALWAYS looking for one but can never find any :( xxx

  2. I love a little sparkle too ... always makes me feel that little bit more glam!

  3. Glitter pine cones at Christmas?? Brilliant. Definitely adding that to my tree decor this year!!

  4. sometimes sparkles just make my day better!

    sparkle on. sparkle on.

  5. omg, how much do i love you kate sullivan? SOOO MUCH.


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