Monday, October 3, 2011

barefoot contessa's rosemary potatoes | birthday bouquet from this amazing lady | a gifted bike from my dad! | scout's new favorite toy | streamers & sun

The weekend was a fairly uneventful one. I'm on a 30-day no sugar diet (AHHH HELP ME!) and so I try to avoid any place and anyone that may have sweets hidden in their pockets. I did take a cruise on my new bicycle, checked out 50/50 (love that Joseph Gordon Levitt!), did a lot of hiking with the little pup and watched the season premiere of my favorite show, Dexter (anyone else a fan?) I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

p.s. check out a little guest post I did about fall here!


  1. Love these shots! Are you following something online for the diet, or just sort of DIYing it? That's awesome! And terrifying...

  2. g! i'm just doing a NO DESSERTS allowed thang for the next 30 days. i'm addicted to them and am trying to crack the habit! got any tips? it's hard but you called me out - i'm diy-ing it to the max!

  3. I am a little behind on Dexter (about a season), but it is a great show! Also, I love your photos.

  4. mmmm...good food and bikes! fabulous!

    (good luck with the no sugar're awesome!)

  5. Great photos!! Love the Bone and Paws. xo


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