Tuesday, October 11, 2011

photo via here

i'm having one of those weeks where everything is just-plain-and-simple going wrong. and not to be all complainy-complainerson, because obviously their are people out there with real problems but sometimes life can be a bit overwhelming and one just wants to curl up in bed with episodes upon episodes of breaking bad and a batch of whole wheat belgian waffles and just wallow. days when the gym seems just too far away and those veggies sitting in your fridge aren't at all even remotely appetizing. so, i'm taking today off, officially, and will resume being a working part of society tomorrow.

also, any magical mood lifting tricks you've got in your bag, i'd love to hear em'!


  1. break the routine: even with piles and piles of deadlines, I pop away from my desk for a minute to look through go enjoy some fresh air. But make it intentional: if you go outside, try to find three beautiful things that you've never noticed before, for example.

  2. Focus on the one little good thing that happened to you that day and then find a way to make your day even better by buying yourself a treat, getting a pedi, eating a sweet, or enjoying some good time with a loved one.


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