Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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i must truly be an adult now because i'm in the market for my first set of business cards! i feel like their are so many options out there - i'm having a hard time committing to just one! and there are so many questions that go with this process; how many do i order the first time? do i go for a simple design or something catchy? will i even use them? is there a company that you guys have used that you like? how many cards did you order? i'd love to know!


  1. i LOVE letterpress cards, they are just so much more memorable. there are so many amazing letterpress artists out there, some of my favorites are concrete & lace and brown parcel press, they're both on etsy

  2. I'm currently sourcing my first set of (personal) biz cards myself! It is hugely daunting process.

    I have been inspired by this site:

    I have finally decided on a letterpress card with just my name, and then using rubber stamps for my phone number/contact (since I am currently in Australia but will be moving back to Canada). That way you can buy more for the economy of scale without worrying about them becoming outdated...unless you plan on changing your name any time soon! Anyway, that's my two cents :)


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