Friday, January 20, 2012

this was an insane work week, hence the few posts. but i'm about to be on a more normal rehearsal/life/eating/workout schedule in the upcoming week so hopefully posts shall return to normal. i hope everyone has lovely and relaxing things planned this weekend. i'll be teaching kids about 1891 germany, so somebody ht the beach and have a margarita for me, ok? anyway, lots of goodies around the blogosphere this week!

1) lana del ray is slowly creeping to the top of my favorites female vocalists these days.
2) these one-of-a-kind terrariums from terrain are at the top of my wishlist!
3) how cool is this illustration by finnish company agent pekka?
4) riesling strawberry slushies = divinity. 

happy happy weekend, friends!


  1. terraniums and slushies? awesome! I'll have to put Lana on my to-listen-to list!

  2. I think I'd actually rather Riesling strawberry slushie than a margarita!


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