Friday, January 13, 2012

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i am on a ridiculously strict budget right now which as many of you know, ain't no walk in the park. there is a lot of stress that comes along with perusing ones dreams; the giving up of a steady paycheck, the shutting off of one's precious cable (i'll miss you, californication!) and the sacraficial choice to never go out to dinner. ever. the one thing i refuse to give up on are fresh cut flowers. the joy of walking into a room and smelling that sweet and sultry stargazer lily or staring into the charming bud of a bright yellow ranunculus simply can't be matched. for all you los angelinos out there - there is a way to say yes to flowers on a budget! i'm a fan of my secret garden which is affordable and lovely. they wrap your buds in brown paper and tie it with a string (even if you're only buying one stem) it's simply delicious. there is also the flower mart downtown which offers a wide variety for trader joe's prices. and if you get an extra babysitting gig or a bonus - stop by gilly's in silverlake. they have the world's best collection and are known for their vintage vase collection. i swoon.


  1. I totally agree, having fresh flowers in your home makes such a difference!

  2. aw, yes, fresh flowers are so, so wonderful. wish there were more available where i am from. i always stop by the flower bin at walmart and smell all the fresh roses. (those are wrapped in plastic) but flowers in brown paper and string sounds much dreamier.


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