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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy loonnnng Thanksgiving weekend, my little turkeys! This girl's got a bad cold and will spend the majority of t-day weekend tucked into bed with chicken noodle soup, tea with honey and a VHS copy of Fried Green Tomatoes (all time favorite comfort movie!) I am hosting a mini-thanksgiving pot-luck feast chez moi and if I'm up to it will be taking a crack at preparing this . My favorite turkey day tradition is bundling up and taking a long walk with my family down to the beach in Marblehead, MA and I will miss that loads this year. What t-day traditions do you have? HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!


  1. Princess, hope your Thanksgiving was a success. Sorry to hear you were sick!

    I didn't make it home to Maine with my fam, but had lots of Kennedys in DC, so it almost made up for it. Best part -- baby cousins! I made 7 pies this year -- including the same Caramel Pecan Cheesecake!

    The cd has been treating me well. Cookie baking will begin soon.

    Miss you to pieces. xoxo

  2. I hope you are feeling better!!!! Lots of chicken soup is the all time cure all!! By the way... I love the movie Fried Green Tomatoes!!
    It reminds me when I was little and my mom would make fried green tomatoes for my siblings and I!! Feel Better!! xo

  3. Choue-choue- blogland misses you. I'm calling you when I get to the studio. Should I be worried? I love you! xo!


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