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Sunday, February 21, 2010

When I was a petite cher, mon poppa would take me to the corner video store every Saturday to pick out a movie. At the age of 2 I choose The Wizard of Oz and never looked back. Over the next consecutive 104 Saturdays, Dorothy and Toto were my exclusive candy of choice, my little girl joie de vivre! My father kept allowing me to make my own decision on those Saturday afternoons (before having chocolate croissants and Orangina at bread and chocolate, and after daughter and pop library visits) in the hopes that I would actually make the choice to choose something, (anything) else. I don't know if it was Dorothy's ruby slippers, the sparkle of emerald city or Judy Garland's sweet Somewhere over the Rainbow, but I was hooked. To this day I still think that Wizard of Oz is a perfect and sublimely magical story.

And this past weekend I went on a magical adventure to The Garden of Oz in the Hollywood Hills. Check out the photos below!


  1. I love The Wizard of OZ .... swoooon!! XO

  2. DYING to go there. The pics are amazing, esp the one with your little paw mailing your letter to Oz.

    oh i love you. xoxo


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