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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my darling best friend's younger sister hopie (who is a hybrid between Amelie and Marie Antoinette) always used to ask me, " what CD are you wearing in your hair today?" when we were growing up. as you can probably guess, c.d. in hair so eloquently translates to {music we simply can't stop jamming to!}

Feather by Little Dragon

i have come to utilize this phrase daily and have decided to make it a regular visitor on LPC. so today, dear friends, i am wearing little dragon's machine dreams in mon chapeau. what record can't you put down this week - won't you share?

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  1. Lovely post!! Harkens back to the days of dixie chicks and getting drunk in your basement at a wee age. Today would be belle & sebastian for me...tigermilk.


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