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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Approximately once a year I get this nostalgic feeling for babydoll dresses, ripped leggings, doc martens and red hair dye. I immediately grab my ebay purchased {vintage} My So Called Life Box Set and make a day-weekend-week of watching every delicious episode. We all at some point have felt just like Angela Chase; we all had a best friend like Rayanne, parents that just didn't get it, and we certainly all had a swoon-worthy crush like Jordan Catelano. So today I'd like to say; My So Called Life, I love you and despite your short-lived existence, I'm happy you were created.

p.s. if for some reason you have never seen an episode of MSCL, put down everything and walk-no-RUN to your nearest movie store to rent it. it will change you.

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  1. my mom bought me the box set when i was in jr high and i have treasured it since! they used to run marathons of it on MTV.. those were the days. brian was creepy.


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