Brooklyn So Far: A Photo Journal

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brooklyn is one hot city. When we arrived on Thursday it was 101 degrees. Kids played in fire hydrant rainbows of water (I thought that only happened in Spike Lee movies!)  Little Scout was very well behaved on her first plane ride (thank goodness for the empty seat next to us!) and only barked once (at a kid who was picking his nose = allowed!) It's really a fun an interesting experience, house swapping. You walk into an apartment and have no idea what to expect while someone else across the country is walking into your place. I lucked out big time though; we are staying in an incredible artist loft in Williamsburg right on the water. There is lots of room to throw toys for the pup as well throw down a yoga mat or host a dinner party. I feel very lucky to be in such a wonderful space. I've spent the past days getting to know the burg .... brunch at the infamous Egg, dinner at Pies' n'Thighs which consisted of an 100% yellow meal: corn bread, mac n'cheese, and fried chicken. It was a heart-attacker but DELICIOUS. I also discovered some amazing bars; the Hotel Delmano (perfection - it's like Havana in the 70's), Nita Nita (orange julius shots anyone?), Pete's Candy Store and a whiskey bar that serves shots with pickle juice chasers (sounds disgusting but is delicious, trust me!) Diner for dinner (perfection), Milk  Bar for crack pie and the old fashioned ice cream truck every evening (oops). Lots of walking and exploring and dog parking and making new friends! Up this week; a trip to Connecticut to shadow a theater director, a visit to the Met, a secret bar that you get to through a telephone booth and lots of friendly reunions. In short, New York, I love you.

p.s. Honestly, the saddest news about the passing of Amy Winehouse. Here's a really lovely note about her from her good friend Russell Brand that I whole heartedly agree with.

Photos: Scout in her first cab/Diner for Dinner/Walking at Sunset/Happy hour at Hotel Delmano/Manhattan skyline view


  1. how big is scout? she sat next to you on the plane?!? i want to try that!

    have fun! i'm dreaming of new york lately.. so much


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