Down & Out in NYC

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

as tina fey would say, blerg. i am sick sick sick as a dog. i'm not quite sure if it is the change in weather, the constant recycling of the air conditioner or just being run down and not getting enough sleep - but i'm off to the doctor this morning praying for some antibiotics. so nyc sight-seeing shall be put on hold whilst i force myself to get sleep. thank goodness for cable television, the strawberry popsicles in the freezer and puppy scout (who puts her paw on my chest every time i cough). if anyone has any favorite sick remedies, please share!

photo via here


  1. that is the sweetest thing i've ever heard... a puppy who checks if you're okay, every time you cough? i just might have to make my way over there and steal her away from you! feel better soon love! xo

  2. Wellness Formula. It's more for "first signs of imbalance", but will definitely help quicken your recovery period. I buy it at Whole Foods.


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