Favorite Things Series: Emmadime

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Monday! We're back again with the favorite things series with one of my favorite bloggers! Ms. Emma Ann Robertson of Emmadime is both a talented knitter and a graphic designer and has one of the most adorable blogs around. She posts about her favorite things and has lots of great inspiration, too! Read below to learn a little bit more about her! I'm sure you'll find her as charming a I do!

emma's favorite things

1.Film - I feel like my taste is always changing in this area! Right now, I am loving Wendy and Lucy - beautifully filmed and such a real story. Michelle Williams (the lead) has really captured my interest as an actress lately! I recently saw Saint Elmo's Fire for the first time ( major 80's flick ) and LOVED it. I love french films too - don't get me started on that list...

2.Book - I recently finished reading 'A Moveable Feast' by Ernst Hemingway for the 3rd time - It reminds me of my time spent in Paris, France. I am about to start WALDEN by Henry David Thoreau - Kinfolk Magazine inspired me to read it. Their first issue launched this past week and it was filled with great quotes from the book*

3.Day - uh.... there are so many to choose from :) When I was in college, I got an internship at Teen VOGUE - it was pretty exciting* I jumped up and down like a 4 year old!! ha.

4.Food - O gosh. I love a few dishes sooo much that i could probably just live off of them forever. Yellow Curry is definitely on the top of the list! I also have a major love for french treats after having lived there for a while... breads & baguettes, cheeses, fois gras, pain aux raisins, red wines & champagne, etc etc....

4.Libation - I used to drink whiskey & coke - now I have moved on to red wine or champagne :) Gotta love the bubblies**

5.Album - Today it's ELLA FITZGERALD & LOUIS ARMSTRONG - Classic Collection.

6.Clothes - I wish I had more time and money to play in this area... Madewell has made a huge impression on me! Just LOVE what they have been doing lately :)

7 & 10.Band - Oh Land has been rocking world. Other Lives new album - Tamer Animals. and..... The Civil Wars.

8.Place - It's hard to put my finger on one, but... some of my most memorable life experiences happened in Alabama (I grew up every summer on the Alabama beaches), Oklahoma (I went to school here - the small town of Stillwater will always hold a small place in my heart), Paris (I WILL live here again - every night is the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen).

9.Smell - I have worn Vera Wang Princess for a while now... but I just switched over to Poppy by Coach - it's so sweet and fruity!

11.Person - I can't seem to get enough of Bri Emery. She has been such a bundle of inspiration to me as a graphic designer, creative female, friend - I could go on and on...

12.Blogs - Of coarse La Petite Choue - duh. Also, my friends/bosses over at Rue Magazine all have pretty incredible blogs!

thanks for participating in the favorite things series, ms. emma!

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