The aquisition of a camera

Monday, April 5, 2010

I need your help! I have decided my big treat to myself this year will be a new camera. I am currently the proud owner of the classic polaroid camera, the diana camera, and (my fantastic christmas present from my brother) the fuji instax instant camera. I'm addicted to the toycamera application on the iphone, as well as shakeitphoto and most recently, hipstamatic. All of those are well and good, but I'm ready for a big girl, bad-as*, no foolin' around camera. Ya know what I mean? I'm starting to educate myself on lenses and the whole nikon vs. cannon debate, but I'd love your opinion if you have one! Leave a comment below and many thanks in advance.


  1. I just bought a new Nikon D90 (the kit - that comes with the 18-105mm lense) and am absolutely in love with it! It has amazing 13 megapixel quality and shoots video. I'm admittedly still learning new features of it, but would very highly recommend it! Good luck on the search!

  2. I have the Canon Rebel and love it. One of my friends has a Nkon and loves it as well. I know that the lenses for my Canon are interchangeable with other Canon models. Both, Nikon and Canon are incredible cameras ... it's a win win. XO

  3. woman, we need to TWALK!

    two things:

    1. anyone who argues that either nikon or canon are leagues above the other are full of it. both brands have subtle differences that professional photogs champion, but it's really a matter of what brand of camera feels more comfortable and intuitive in your hands when you're holding it.

    2. generally speaking (the D90 sounds like it's an exception), ditch the kit lens and go with the body plus a slightly higher grade lens. so worth it.


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