Happy Earth Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It is April 22nd today, alas, let's celebrate the earth today!

Also, take a moment to check out these 10 easy ways to help save our environment below!

1. Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones.
2. Compost your vegetable scraps.
3. Buy rechargeable batteries for devices used frequently.
4. Plant trees to shade your home.
5. Walk or ride your bike instead of driving, whenever possible.
6. Put leaves in a compost heap instead of burning them or throwing them away. Yard debris too large for your compost bin should be taken to a yard-debris recycler.
7. Paint with brushes or rollers instead of using spray paints to minimize harmful emissions.
8. Keep your thermostat at 68 in winter and 78 in summer.
9. Use cedar chips or aromatic herbs instead of mothballs.
10. Use recycled wood chips as mulch to keep weeds down, retain moisture and prevent erosion

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