Can't stop listening to...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If I still had a cool 1990's cd 3-disc changer, here's what would be in my current rotation:

1. Broken Bells: Broken Bells
{soundtrack to: twilight skips & living-room fort creations)

* fave song: the ghost inside

2. She & Him: Volume 2
{soundtrack to: sunday morning drives & farmer's market spelunks}

* fave track: in the sun

3. Kitten
{soundtrack to: putting on lipstick and ripped stockings before hitting the the dive bar)

*fave track: kill the light


  1. D and I still use our 3-cd changers. We each had one when we moved in together. Now have 2.

  2. can't stop listening to broken bells EITHER!
    and hooda-eff is kitten?

  3. thank you bestie beasties! bree i have seen your 3-disc changer everytime i come to your house ane that was totally a shout out to your awesomeness. and lulu kitten is the teen punk band miche and i discovered at the roller derby half time show - lead by 15 year old chloe who is adorable and who sounds like a mix between karen o and emily haines. check that shiz OUT mo-fo's!


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