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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fay Wolf grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut, attended Boston University and now resides in Los Angeles. Fay is a musician, an actor and a professional organizer. Her songs have appeared on both Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill, her first EP Blankets came out in November and she's releasing a live album this summer. I had the pleasure of seeing her show at the Hotel Cafe this month, and lucky for me,snagged an interview with her afterwards. Check it out below!

You are a both a musician and an actor. Can you tell me what made you want to become a performer?

I have a memory of asking for a piano when I was two years old. I think babies sometimes know what their jam is gonna be. So my parents gave me a toy piano. Fair enough. At six, I got a real one. Acting and singing both started at church I think. Taking "real" lessons after that always seemed like a natural progression. Beyond that, it’s kind of unexplainable, yes? The feeling that one gets. Performing is the thing that gives me my...feeling. That sounds dirty.

On a daily basis, what inspires you?

The bright orange wall in my apartment. I'm pretty convinced that it gives me some sort of magical fairy dust creative energy surge. My piano closet is housed behind and surrounded by the orange wall. It's powerful shit, this orange wall, I'm telling you. Otherwise: Friendship. Family. Weather. Vulgarity. People saying what they mean. Beards. Meditation. Productivity tools. Sugar. Wit. Stretching. Did I say my Orange Wall yet?

Who are some of your favorite musicians?

There’s so much music out there now. Like never before. This answer is constantly changing. And I wish I knew more. Historically, I listened to so much Tori Amos and Ani Difranco as a teenager that the music I write is a pretty clear hybrid of the two. Right now, today, I am on board with The Xx. Florence & The Machine. Whitney Houston. John Gold. Alice in Chains. Nina Simone. Rachael Cantu. Eastern Conference Champions. The Outfield. A band outta Austin called Dead Black Hearts. (Which I think is a wonderful band name!)

I hear you have an organizing company as well. Can you tell me a little about that?

I do indeed. I’ve got a company called New Order. I've spent the last four years marching into people's homes and murdering their clutter. It's not a perfect science, but that's what makes for some pretty profound experiences. There's quite a lot of deep emotion wrapped up in our possessions. At the risk of sounding like a complete tool, it feels really nice to help people.

What is your best advice for artists trying to make it in Los Angeles?

Surround yourself with good-hearted folks. And make shit yourself.

Dig Fay's vibe? This gal will be performing at Cafe Muse in Los Angeles on May 20th and The Living Room in NYC on May 25th! And, to check out some more of Fay's work, please visit her website here.

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  1. um, this is awesome.

    i demand more artist interviews. and we LOVES ourselves some fay wolf.



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