Riding on bikes with skirts

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wowza. Did you guys hear about the NYC police officer who pulled over the dutch tourist recently; a cute gal wearing a dress on a bike, who told her she was too distracting to cars? She thought he was kidding at first but realized quickly he was serious when he asked for her ID! So a bunch of gals and guys in NYC this past week gathered in a little fun protest for a skirt bike ride throughout new york. Check out some photos below! I only wish I could have been there!

photos via here


  1. no way?? thats crazy!!


  2. I think it's phenomenal that girls protested! I can't believe a police officer would do something like that. If guy's can ride topless, girls can ride "bottomless".

  3. I love the lady in the red. All out protesting. Brilliant!

  4. LOL, this is a great story. I can't believe she got pulled over by a cop. Great reason for a protest.


  5. Now, this is a major blog moment!
    I see a new visual collection brewing.


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