Eagle Rock Visitor's Guide

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I spend most of my free time spelunking the east side of Los Angeles. I have recently been spending my days in Eagle Rock, CA which is just a 10 minute drive east of my house in Silverlake. Eagle Rock has got that funky artist suburb vibe that I rarely can find in L.A. proper. I enjoy going there when I tire of busy city life. Here are some of my favorite spots to hit while I'm there!

The Oinkster

The oinkster is my absolute favorite place to get a burger in all of L.A. The owner used to own a fancy hamburger restaurant downtown and got so sick of the snotty clientele he moved his place to the burbs and created an amazingly perfect burger and fries for just $9. This place makes their own homemade catchup AND sells peanut butter and jelly cupcakes. What more could you ask for?

Lady Boutique

My lovely friend Hollin took me to Lady for the first time the other week and I just adore it! It's this lovely little boutique that sells Anthropologie styled dresses, shoes, belts and jewelry for great prices! I fell in love with a black patent leather bag there and am hoping to go claim it after pay day this week!

Auntie Em's Kitchen

Two words: Perfect. Brunch. Dining at Auntie Em's is basically like dining in someones kitchen. Their are free mugs of coffee and tea while you wait for your table and their are different fresh organic meals written on the chalkboard that change daily. I went for brunch this past weekend and sampled (oh yes, both) the coconut crusted french toast with berries AND the homemade biscuits with gravy. It was pure divinity. Also, they are known for their amazing red velvet cupcakes!

All Star Bowling Lanes

The All Star Bowling Lanes is the best bowling alley I have yet to try! They are cheap, fun, and it's never crowded (in the best way). They also have a bar attached to the lanes with 1) a full Chinese food menu (what?!) 2) cheap drinks 3) a karaoke machine! I have been to birthday parties here, seen free concerts here (Rilo Kiley!!) and even gone here on a date! It's def worth the trip and if you tire of bowling there is always Chinese food for dinner, drinks afterwards, and a night of Karaoke ahead of you!

Foster's FreezeI am a dairy queen freak, and since there are few that still exist in L.A. I find Foster's to be an excellent second choice to get my milkshake fix!

Fatty's Cafe

To be honest, I've never actually been to Fattys but i've only heard excellent things about it and it's on the top of my list of places to try. I do know it's a vegeterian joint that's supposed to have great decor and service, as well as food. Has anyone been that can vouch for this?

Thanks for reading - Enjoy your Eagle Rock adventures!


  1. Did you just tell me about Auntie Em's? I think you might have just gone there with someonez and you said it was positively MAGICAL. Let's GO! The whole neighborhood sounds amazing. Maybe you can help me gallery-hunt and we can get brunch at Aunnie's. GREAT POST! xoxo

  2. Hi Kate!

    Your blog looks wonderful - and look at that header!

    I am curious about a peanut butter and jelly cupcake...


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