Happy Friday!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday, everyone! I have some good treats for you today! I am headed out of L.A. to go camping in the Los Padres National Forest this weekend and I can barely wait to wear all my flannel clothing (at the same time), sleep under the stars, participate in many a campfire sing-a-long and hopefully come back dirty, tired, and happy! I am in charge of the S'MORE portion of the trip (obviously) so I'll try to bring back some pics of the messy goodness.

The picture above was taking by Rune Guneriussen and is my dream camp scenario. Rune is a fantastic photographer who is known for taking photographs of inanimate objects in unlikely environments. Imagine if every path was lit with lamps? How cool!

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  1. beautiful and strange world Rune lives in... makes me think of the part of the mumraths in Alice in Wonderland, no?


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