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Sunday, August 16, 2009

This weekend I had the pleasure of viewing SHAUN OF THE DEAD (I know, I know how is this my FIRST screening of this movie?) in a Circuit City parking lot down the street from my house. It was, simply put, amazing! Not only was there a huge movie screen that looked like a black bouncy tent, there were food trucks selling sweet potato fries, homemade ice cream sandwiches and cheeseburgers! I was in heaven. To top it off, the night ended with a Zombie dance party and fashion show! Because outdoor summer movies are one of my favorite things in life, I've compiled a short list of the best places around Los Angeles to catch an outdoor flick before the summer is over. See you at the pictures!

The Vineland Drive-In
This is the only real legit drive-in movie theater I know of in Los Angeles. They play first run movies and you get to stay in your car and tune in on your radio like back in the olden days!

Hollywood Outdoor Cinemas
This is where I went this past weekend. I suggest bringing blankets and some sort of comfy low chair. The charge for this event is donation only so you can save your dollars for hot chocolate!

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
These movies are shown in the infamous Hollywood Forever Cemetery. You sit amongst the graves and watch spooky movies! This place is always crowded so make sure to get there early!

Downtown L.A. Drive-In
These movies are shown against warehouses in downtown L.A. There are family friendly screenings as well as more adult movies so make sure to choose wisely!


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