28 is gonna be great!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

As my last few weeks of being 27 comes to a close, i've been thinking a lot of my 28-year-old resolutions. Here is what i'm going to attempt to accomplish during the next year! (I am posting this list so that my friends will kindly peer pressure me to actually do these!)

28 things to do at 28

1. read a Haruki Murakami novel
2. get bangs
3. learn to garden (thanks in advance - lil!)
4. visit Austin, TX
5. take a photography class
6. D.J. a party
7. beach cruise more
8. learn how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookies
9. drink more water
10. write a musical
11. ride in a hot air balloon
12. learn to drive a stick shift
13. take vitamins every day
14. learn to trapeze
15. adopt a puppy
16. start an arts and craft night
17. save more and spend less
18. recycle everything
19. send more snail mail
20. visit a foreign country (preferably India!)
21. actually learn how to straighten my hair
22. think harder about getting a tattoo
23. host more dinner parties
24. attend a roller derby game
25. swear less. that's a lie. stop lying about pretending to stop swearing. (better!)
26. start wearing sunblock
27. rock a pink streak in my hair for at least one month
28. take tap lessons!


  1. I can help you with the garden, going to Austin, and, cross your fingies, visiting India. But if I can give you any advice on this list, though, my darling, it is that IF you are to have bangs have a PROFESSIONAL cut them. I just "trimmed" mine and now I look like Simple Jack and have to wear a headband smearing them straight back, they're so bad.

    love you. happy early birthday!

  2. can i steal some of those for my 30s?... great year coming up! bisous!

  3. I love your blog!!! Very creative, fresh and fun!! Keep on blogging!!!!


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