Tilly and the Wall

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tilly and the Wall is one of my favorite bands and reminds me of the confetti that comes out of one of those metallic poppers we see on New Year's Eve.(which I promise I came up with before I choose this confetti inspired picture of them!) Whenever I'm in a particularly grumpy mood I put them on and they immediately lift my spirits. In short, these five Omaha natives are a part of the rockin' indie label, Team Love (along with others such as Rilo Kiley , Of Montreal and The Go! Team) and have produced 3 albums to date. The girls dress in bright colored tights, sparkly tutu's and their stage is always covered in balloons and beach balls. It's sort of like a dress up dance party but the best part is that there music is actually good. Really good. My favorite Tilly quirk is that instead of a drummer they have Jamie, a girl who tap dances the percussion like no one's business. Check out my favorite video of theirs below.

Other favorite songs include " Lost Girls", " Beat Control", and "The Freest Man". Enjoy!


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