Julie & Julia

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

After recently seeing JULIE & JULIA in the theater, Ms. Child inspired me to host my very first French dinner party in her honor. As a child growing up, my parents used to host these parties annually and I would help by serving frozen grapes to the guests and occasionally stirring a souffle or two. Now, ten years later, I couldn't wait to get into the kitchen to start cooking! Here is the menu and some snapshots of le dinner extraordinaire! P.S. Thank you to all the magical elves who cooked, cleaned and entertained with me last Sunday! (And Mr.Fickes for the great photos!) Julia would of been proud!

Le Menu

Chilled Grapes
Australian Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Apricot Rosemary Marmalade & Crackers
Carrots and Hummus
Scallops with swiss cheese
Beef Bourguignon
Hericot Verts
Chocolate Souffle, Vanilla Bean Ice cream & fresh raspberries


  1. C'est TRES adorable! I WISH I'da been there, woman! Thanks for the visual shout-out with the chickie in the background, too! Was the beef bourg amazing? Mmm. You're such an inspiration! xo

  2. Brilliant idea -- and the meal looks scrumptious!

    I've been meaning to cook up some French food myself... maybe a little Coq au Vin this Friday night (I do like my coq!)

    Definitely come for dinner when you're next in Montreal.



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