Goodbye September!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I can't believe September is almost over! Where did it go? It has finally cooled down in Los Angeles and I am excited for pumpkin spiced lattes, more blankets and Halloween Decorations! What are your favorite October traditions?


  1. what's this funky postcard? i wanna see more! you know how excited iiiii am for pumpkin-spiced anything. and sweaters. and boots. and fuzzy corgyn snuggling and yo la tengo playing in the truck. xo

  2. PUMPKIN SHORTAGE ALERT!!!! Apparently, there was terrible weather this summer in the northeast where most pumpkins come from so a lot of the crops were destoryed. As a result, there's a slight shortage of pumkpins this year. Obviously there's still plenty to go around, but they are going to be more expensive than usual and if you wait too long it might be really slim pickings.

    Looks like we're gonna have to cancel the pumpkin carving contest this year kids....


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