A big round of thank you's!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm back from Brooklyn and had the most amazing time I think I've ever had in NYC. I wanted to say a big round of merci beaucoup's to all my wonderful guest bloggers! How fun it was to get home late last night and see all of my favorite bloggers posting on LPC! I feel so honored! I also had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Lisa Butterworth (my total blog crush!) of One Hot Child in the City at a little coffee shop in Union Square. We discussed all things LA/NYC and had a lovely time! If you haven't already had the chance, please stop by my lovely g.bloggers websites to take a peek!

Ms. Lily of Big Bang Studio
Ms. Caroline of The Space In-Between
Ms. Marie-Eve of Lake Jane
Ms. Melanie of You are my Fave

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  1. i'm so glad we got to meet up! if only that L train hadn't cramped my style. coffee's on me the next time i'm in l.a. fo sho! xo.


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